You've got questions...

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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Most Loyal Guests

From who to call and where to go, to what's available now at River Dance and the glory that is planned for our expansion, you'll find a few morsels of goodness below to reference at your leisure.

1. What accommodations are available now?

Currently, River Dance offers nightly and extended stay reservations. Nightly accommodations include full-hook-up RV sites, water & electric only RV sites, electric only RV sites, and dry van/tent sites. For extended stays, full-hook-up 30/50 AMP sites are available. If you’re interested in an extended stay, we urge you to complete an application.

Our vision will transform the property into a fun, “national-parky” environment that feels like home after an incredible day of adventures in the Valley. By the time we’re through, we expect River Dance has the potential to become Vail Valley’s most desired outdoor lodging accommodation. Tiny Homes, here we come! This is something we’re excited, and proud of.

2. What accommodations will be available in the future?

Little Red Riding Hood ditched the “too big” and “too small” for “just right”. She professed the “Tiny Life” was for her. Is it for you? In the future, River Dance will make Tiny Homes available for your enjoyment! If you haven’t already, join our waitlist to get up to speed on everything Tiny Home-related at our park, first.

Public service announcement (not promoted in any way): Tiny Homes will be released in batches, so it’s important you get your golden ticket, Wonka-style, and get your place in line!

3. Do you accept online bookings, debit and credit cards?

Yes, we do! In fact, we praise the digital savvy who book online and settle up via debit or credit card. You’re efficient, decisive and play as hard as you work, then rest harder. We love that.

As a reflection of our love for the digital savvy, we tried to make reservations easy.  All guests are able to pay with a credit and/or debit card, if this is your payment preference, any time from our reservation system. The majority of our guests enjoy the seamless, online checkout, and we hope you do, too! In the event you’d like to speak with someone from our team, please e-mail for nightly and extended stays, or for Tiny Home questions.

You can book a site at any time, 24/7/365.

4. Does River Dance offer contactless check-in/out?

We’re proud to make things easy on our guests. No heavy lifting, no small talk (unless you want to talk), check-in and out at your leisure with complete contactless check-in-and-out.

If you need assistance on site, you may contact our team at any time, 24/7/365. Otherwise, enjoy independence and the solitude of the wonderful nature that surrounds you.

5. What amenities are available now?

Currently, River Dance offers warm showers, clean bathrooms, flat and stable pads and coin operated laundry to keep your favorite threads at the top of their figurative game. Frisbee golf and a world-class Colorado beach with private river access is also available for leisurely awesome days along the Eagle River in any season.

As a peek into the future, pickleball, co-working spaces, Food Truck Fridays, bouldering playgrounds, outdoor theater, scenic river outlook, among other things…are all improvements we are considering based on feedback from guests. Get excited! The new River Dance is going to blow socks off.

6. What park rules should I be aware of?

Rules, rules, they’re good for your heart, the more you hear, the more you…oh, wait, how does that tune go? Rules are less fun, but intended to create a repeatably awesome experience for all of our guests, all year-round.

In the name of fostering positivity, good vibes and great adventure, please adhere to our park’s rules and regs. Be mindful of bears, deers, beavers and tigers. They are real. And, maybe here.

7. Are lifeguards present along the beach?

No lifeguards are on duty, and there’s a chance you could share the river with more than a beautiful trout.

Ahem…bear…be on the lookout for your little ones as all guests enjoy the river at their own leisure. Be safe, and have fun!

8. Do you allow fishing, tubing, or other river activities?

Yes, we encourage you to live your best #riverlife.

That includes getting in all the catch-and-release fishing, tubing, SUPing, kayaking and river-lounging your heart desires. You might just fall in love (like we did)!

9. Am I able to access the Eagle River from the property?

You know it, country club. River Dance offers breathtaking Eagle River access. Experience privacy and adventure that’s only limited by your imagination. And, what our liability insurance will cover. There’s rules for that. Please follow them for your safety, and ours.

Bears rule, lifeguards do too, but be on the lookout cause no one’s watching you!

10. Are you open year-round?

Yes, we are open year-round, all four seasons, 365 days a year. Snow or shine, hike or ski, we hope you’ll come check out the Rockies from River Dance, you see.

So, enjoy your best day with us at River Dance, yay, yay, and don’t be shy, bring three, it’ll be a hell of a day (week…month…party)!

11. Who do I contact if I need help during my stay?

Our team has lightning fingers, tactile thumbs and access to email at all times of the day. We respond most quickly to emails. If you need anything at all, ever, please e-mail, or leave us a voicemail at (970) 400 – 7078.

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, we urge our guests to call 911 for immediate medical support. Do right by your neighbors, if you see something suspicious, please report it to our team or the authorities immediately.

12. How do I join the Tiny Home waitlist?

Drumroll…please…we are so thrilled to receive resounding community interest and support for our future Tiny Home accommodations. We’re in the final innings of bringing our first batch of Tiny Homes to the property.

Feeling FOMO? We get it, our team recommends those interested to join our waitlist. It could be the start of something beautiful.

13. How do I confirm the location of my site?

Trip booked! Now, what? Please check your e-mail and reference the reservation link provided, which includes your reserved site number. Once your site number is handy, please reference our property map. If you have any questions, our team is here!

We also know this is not as easy as it should be, and will be addressing your experience in the near future. E-mail at any time for additional clarification. An interactive map is coming online and on-site. For now, be “beartastic” and reach out with any questions, please and thanks!

14. Do you offer discounts for military, veterans or certain RV Memberships?

Woop, woop, discounts! We rarely discount rates at River Dance, as we already do our best to provide the fairest prices in the Vail Valley. But, as an additional salute to our active or retired military veterans with a valid ID, we’ve got you covered with a 10% discount on nightly reservations.

No discounts are available for extended stays, currently! Thank you again for your service!

Things to Do, Places to Go, People to Meet

River Dance is creating a world-class adventure guide that encompasses everything you need to get the most out of your time in the Vail Valley. Coming Soon!
Secret Trails

The guide will show you where the best adventure exists that meets your interest and experience level.

Adventure Approved

Identify year-round adventures & the people/guides that curate unforgettable experiences.

Locals Only

From locals-only happy hours to low-key, authentic food, we will share the best places to grub, drink and chill.

Big Dreams

Limited time, unlimited experiences. Let our guide help you decide where to spend your day.

15. RV best practices for winter months?

Brrrrrrrrrr…no one wants to deal with frozen pipes. To enhance your winter experience with us, please ensure you have a heated hose that remains connected to the hydrant. No one likes a cold hose. If you do not have a heated hose, please disconnect your water when not in use, and overnight, to prevent freezing.

If freezing occurs, a charge will be added to your reservation, so please be vigilant! River Dance veterans confirm breakers and hydrant heat tape should be left on at all times. Any other questions, please reference our resort rules or contact our team! We’re here for you, and your questions, in every season.

16. What's the WiFi situation?

We’re proud to help you stay connected, or be the “reason” you missed that Zoom call on a bluebird day after getting dumped on the night prior. Your call, your frame.

For the curious few, WiFi is included with nightly reservations and additional information is included in your reservation confirmation email. Extended stay WiFi is available for a premium. Just ask your reservation guide for WiFi activation information!

17. Do you offer tent sites?

Indeed, we do! The summer of 2023 represented our inaugural season of releasing tent sites for the ultimate camping experience. We’re proud to now offer eight tent and/or dry van sites, with more sites coming in the future!

Here’s to cowboying it under a blanket of stars amongst the Vail Valley. Incredible views with such little light pollution? Yes, please!

18. Are campfires and grills allowed?

Per the Town of Gypsum’s regulations associated with River Dance, only propane fire pits and propane grills are allowed on the premises. Such grills must remain supervised at all times. No solid fuel fires, either (i.e., no wood, charcoal, etc.). These rules are in place to ensure the safety of you and our guests.

And, yes, Smokey the Bear approves. We hope you do, too. Thanks for helping do your part in keeping everyone on the property safe, sound and satisfied!

19. Does the bus offer a nearby pick-up point?

Close, close, we love when it’s close. For our friends who wish to keep it green, worry not. EcoTransit offers a bus stop located on HWY 6 right outside River Dance’s entrance. Like, really close. You’re always a few stops away from your favorite mountain activity, and a few steps from your stop.

We #support local transportation. Here’s the details on scheduling from Eagle County. Go get em’, Tiger!

20. Where should I grab groceries & toiletries?

Nom, nom, nom, we all gotta eat! We think shopping local is awesome and wanted to present a few grocery options.

You’re a stone’s throw away from Ridley’s Family Market and Costco, located a couple of miles away in the Town of Gypsum. There is also a City Market in the Town of Eagle, just east of our park off of I-70 at exit 147. Now, go get your grub on!

Don’t be the person to leave your food out as a bear’s midnight snack.

21. Where do I wash dishes and place trash?

Trash & clean-up time! Yes, all great meals must come to an end. As the evening winds down, do right by your camp. Between June 1st and September 30th, we offer a dish washing station available for use (please…no food dumped in the sink…double please). The dishwashing station is closed between October 1st and May 31st for winter conditions.

There are two trash dumpsters located on the property for your convenience. Please dispose of all waste in the provided dumpsters, or expect furry friends of all sizes to nuzzle up to your rig or sleeping bag. Don’t invite the vampire in, Gladys. Do right by yourself and neighbors, be responsible with how you wash, what you wash, and where you store food scraps or other perishable items. You won’t regret it! Neither will we!

22. Where do I store my food overnight, if tent camping?

Coolers & cars…coolers & cars…coolers & cars…yes, this should be your mantra if tent camping after enjoying a meal under the stars. Please store any coolers and food within your vehicle overnight, as this is an active wildlife area.

Although our local bear mascot wants you to share, we urge you to not leave food or trash unattended at any time. Keep the wild, wild. Leave no trace, park it in, park it out. No exceptions from this rule.

23. What is bathroom etiquette?

This goes backs to the most debonair version of yourself. The slick, suave, empathetic stallion that you are (or, were). Please be mindful of other guests. Don’t sing too loud, and please respect others who wish to utilize the facilities. Do your best to do your business in 10 minutes or less. Then, pick up all personal items, and clean up after yourself.

Make mama proud, so each guest may have a clean and fresh experience in our facilities. The Golden Rule does apply, treat the bathroom how you wish your neighbor does, so they find it as clean as you did. Share good habits, promote healthy and clean living within our community and do right by all! Our staff thanks you very much in advance.

24. Where can I park my camper/RV before check-in or after check-out?

Ideally, this is not required. But, life happens and we know it…

In the event you do need a temporary place to park a vehicle, you may consider the below…but we do advise against this…

If heading East, you may try the Edwards Rest Stop at exit 163. If heading West, you may try Costco in Gypsum or the rest area in Dotsero at exit 133. Please be aware that any parking at these locations is at your own risk.

25. Where is the nearest potable and non-potable water?

Water in a pot? No, but hydration is key and knowing where to stack up on necessities like potable water is mission critical.

The nearest public dump station with potable water is located at the Edwards Rest Stop, I70 exit 163. Please verify hours and seasons of operation directly before heading over.

26. Where do I dump my grey water?

Grey after a long, dusty, or cold, sloshy Colorado day. If you have reserved a full hookup site, you may dump grey tanks at your site. If you have not reserved a full hookup site, we do NOT have a dump station on the property, and require you to go elsewhere for dumping.

Thank you for helping us keep our property wonderful for all to enjoy for decades to come. You doing your part goes a long way, and our team thanks you!

27. Where is the nearest public dump station?

Pew, pew…the nearest public dump station is located at the Edwards Rest Stop, I70 exit 163. They are closed November 1 – April 1. Please verify hours and seasons of operation before heading over.

Happy dumping!

28. How do I reserve overflow parking?

No reservations needed, bam, bam, thank you ma’am.

However, overflow parking is for River Dance guests and residents only. Again, no reservation is required, but these lots are for extra vehicles only, nothing else. No RVs/Trailers/Campers are permitted to be stored in overflow parking. Thank you for your cooperation! It helps ensures all of our guests have a place for an extra vehicle.

29. Are pets allowed?

You know it, we allow up to two pets per reservation! Please refer to our resort policies, specifically, but we love your furry friends and look forward to seeing them frolicking across our Dog Run! We can’t wait to welcome you all.

In the future, we may even offer a legit dog wash to keep your furry friends looking their best in any season! Family is family.

30. Are you ATV/UTV friendly?

Hate to be the bearer of bad news for those “motokids”, but ATV’s, side-by-sides and minibikes are prohibited from use on the resort premises. Vroom, vroom elsewhere, please!

Our goal is to foster a relaxing environment for our guests, and a high-pitched, two cylinder buzz around the property isn’t the ticket after a long day on the slopes or mountain.


If you have further questions after reading this, maybe we should hire you. But, we’re happy to address your questions and any specific reservation requests to the best of our team’s ability. That’s a River Dance promise.

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